Hide A Hoop® by Auto Hoop®
The Disappearing Retractable Basketball Hoop
Auto Hoop was developed for fitness clubs, private indoor courts and custom homes.  Nobody likes to look at those unsightly portable or attached hoops on a house nor play squash or racquetball with a basketball hoop in the court.  

With our "patented" product,  basketball equipment is revolutionized. 

Simply press a button to deploy a backboard and hoop, through 
a small covered opening. Press the button again to automatically retract the apparatus inside.... It's that simple!   

Check out our unit's specifications under the Auto Hoop Tab Above.

  1. "Press and Play"
    "Press and Play"
    Our units fit on the play, side or rear wall.
  2. 5 Seconds
    5 Seconds
    Our optional flush mount steel door provides a nice finish look in your court
  3. 15 Seconds
    15 Seconds
    Dependable product cycling with "slam-dunk" rim
  4. 30 Seconds--Play
    30 Seconds--Play
    Makes your court multi-functional with our patented goal

Maintain a Clean Court... No Unsightly Hoops
Auto Hoop is Hidden at the ">" 

Optimize Court Use and Court "Revenue"
Squash, Racquetball, Sport/Fitness Courts, Schools, Churches can Convert to Multi-Function Use
with a "push" of the button

Building a New Court? Contact our Teaming Partner:
"The Court Company"

National Squash and Racquetball Designer and Builder
(901) 410-9907

Protected by the following United States Patents

6,508,730......6,736,741......7,094,165......7,393,292.....Additional Patents Pending

Auto Hoop® and Hide A Hoop® are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office