Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  How is the opening constructed?   The opening is constructed as if you were framing out a new window into an existing wall; even in stucco or brick walls. Please click on the tab titled "Spce Reqmts" for a detailed drawing. 

2.  How does Auto Hoop install? In general, an opening is constructed, the unit is hoisted up into position, the front is connected to the opening's sill, the rear is attached, the power and control cables are routed, then the provided door and closure are attached. Complete installation instructions are provided.

3. Can Auto Hoop, LLC install the unit for me? We do not provide installation services.

4. Are there other important dimensions needed for  installation? Yes, please click on the Space Requirements tab and open the "Opening and Clearance Requirements" to view necessary information you will need.

5. Are the units waterproof? The basketball backboard and hoop can remain outside and can be exposed to water but the non-movable indoor portion of the units must be installed in a dry indoor area to protect the computer controller and motors.

6. How are the units operated?  Each unit is hardwired with 65 feet of cable to a push button switch which can start/stop deployment or retraction.

7. I would like to use my own door to match a stucco finish.  Is this possible? Yes, you can construct your own door and simply use our provided hardware. It is important to not exceed the weight specification of our door and other critical dimensions. 

8. Is the rim height adjustable? Our units install at one height. We recommend installing our units at the 10 foot regulation rim height.

9.  What type of maintenance is required? Just a few minutes per year for minor lubrication, to Inspect connectins and Clean the backboard.

10. What are the specifications for Auto Hoop? Please click on the Auto Hoop tab for this information. 

11. Is there any assembly? No, it comes substantially assembled in one large crate.

12. What are the power requirements? The units requires 110 volts AC. We can convert this for international customers.